High-quality Habit Tracker

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📙 This Habit Tracker will help you track habits for a fulfilling and high-quality life, not for a tick.

“It's about quality, not quantity. It's about the memories, the bond, the love. It's about the heart.” Shandy L. Kurth

💙💛 I'm a Ukrainian girl, who wants to help make your life more organized, more aesthetic, and happier!

There are amazing trackers to track your habits, however, these options have a few problems: they usually offer to track specific habits every day, if we miss even a day, the chain will break and we can lose motivation and good mood.

With this Notion Template you'll only have to pay once and get:

▪ The List 30 Self Care Habits Ideas for Mind, Body, and Soul

▪ Tutorial and Example of filling out the Tracker

▪ Сonvenient and Simple Tracker

Each small goal of yours is essential. Accomplish and track them in the High-quality Tracker and take care of yourself! 🤗

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High-quality Habit Tracker

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